From Indian Music to Bach; from Liszt and Schubert to Jewish and Sephardic Music.

The Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival 2016 saw the arrival of world-class artists from several parts of India and the entire World.
We were honored to have with us one of the most renowned Indian Flute players, Rakesh Chaurasia; as well as the globally acclaimed Indian string player Debashish Bhattacharya and the Piano-Raga Master Utsav Lal. We presented a full Bach Day with German and European Artists, with the prominent baroque flute player Jana Lalovic (Germany), the renowned Concert Master Leo Rossi (Argentina) and the Seville Chamber Choir (Spain). We were fortunate to present prominent artists from India and Europe, including the oldest Indian Orchestra, the Bombay Chamber Orchestra and the Spanish world acclaimed Soprano Rocío de Frutos, who sung a complete Jewish and Sephardic Iberian music programme.

During February 2016, the Ketevan Festival offered 16 high world-class concerts, 12 lectures, 3 round table discussions, 6 workshops for Goan musicians and 8 concerts at Orphan Houses, Schools and Old Age Homes.  
Almost 100 artists, professors and researchers from countries from around the world, like Germany, France, UK, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Japan, EEUU, Switzerland, Portugal and Belgium, participated in the Ketevan Music Experience.
More than 8.500 people the Ketevan Sacred Music Festival, making it one of the biggest East-West sacred music festivals in India.


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